Controlle MC56F826xx和MC56F827xx数字信号rs


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  • 低功耗操作实现了更高的system efficiency due to lower power losses
  • 5 mm x 5 mm package option enables compact PCB design for space-constrained applications while still providing the precision and control needed
  • 50/100 MHz 32-bit core provides math capabilities needed for advanced power efficiency and motor control applications
  • Single-cycle math computations, fractional arithmetic support, and parallel moves improve performance, driving tighter and faster control loops
  • High-resolution PWM with 312 pico-second resolution enables higher switching frequencies, reducing cost and increasing efficiency
  • Two 12-bit high-speed (HS) ADCs with up to 1.25 MSPS resolution improves system accuracy by reducing jitter on input values
  • 32 KB to 64 KB flash memory provides scalability needed for key digital power and motor control applications
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with the MC56F84xxx and MC56F824x/5x families for performance and peripheral scalability
  • 5 volt-tolerant I/O provides design flexibility and system cost reduction
  • Direct memory access (DMA) controller reduces core interruption, increasing performance
  • Four analog comparators with integrated 6-bit DACs speed system event identification and emergency shutdown of the PWM outputs
  • Memory protection capability increases system safety by restricting user code from accessing key memory locations and peripherals reserved for supervisor access

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